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Aizawa Taki
06 October 2007 @ 01:06 am

Things going down this week just got too crazy so I had to take off. Can't think straight in the city, there's too many fuckin distractions. So getting all emo and fucknot, I headed to Niigata. Don't ask, I booked the first train out. Never mind that this was the fuckin setting of that stupid emo anime Ayashi no Ceres THAT COINCIDENTALLY touched on the same frikkin problem I have now.

Ari's fuckin pregnant. How do you like that.

...Ma didn't. We got into a bad fight a couple of nights ago and the cops had to break it up. I don't remember anything except waking up in Kaoru's bedroom. Fully clothed, with the bitch screaming at me to get the fuck out of her house, the bartender (mutual friend of ours) had no business dumping me there. I smacked her a good one before leaving.

Ari says she wants to keep it. Damn we're screwed.
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Aizawa Taki
06 September 2007 @ 10:32 pm
Nothing much happening lately except hanging with Ma. It's about time I got my dose of weirdness back in my life. Can't wait for the Oricon charts to come out. I'm positive the new single is back on top.

Here we go again. Whenever things heat up between me and him, something crappy comes up. I'm just waiting for that proverbial axe to fall.
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Aizawa Taki
21 August 2007 @ 05:34 pm
Spent an overnight at Tawara's private beach with Ari-chan. That girl is awesome. The party wasn't until after dark, so we had our own little private party, if ya catch my drift. But holy fuck, karma hates me. It's the only reason why shit happens everytime I enjoy myself.

*Filtered for ASK*
Ma. Ken. In the studio, NOW. You bums better be there or I will personally kill your sorry asses.

Private to Kazuki
Last night happened, right? Coz I swore you were in my bed this morning...

I hate this.Collapse )
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Aizawa Taki
01 August 2007 @ 05:20 pm
Sucks to be me right now. Just right now. Most of the time it's awesome.

Ma, how's life slappin' ya?

My dad finally caved in and asked me to come home. Just like that. "Come home, we need to talk." I'm like, "bitchplease." Not to him, but you know, life in general. If you saw us during my high school years, you wouldn't have voted us "Father and Son of the Year"; it was more of, "Father and Son Most Likely to Murder Each Other in a Week". So yeah. Turns out things aren't going well with his health and the family. Kinda ironic. Dr. Aizawa Oribe, the perfect health-buff and family man could be vulnerable and weak. Makes me laugh.

Mom's pleading me to come talk to him. Sheesh, they make it sound like he's fuckin dying. And if he is, what do I care? He's wished me dead so many times before, so it's basically bad karma.

I really don't mean that.

...And I can't bear Mom crying. Jeeez I fuckin hate emo.
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Aizawa Taki
12 July 2007 @ 12:59 pm
Where the hell are all of you? Did you move to another country or what? I'm about to die of boredom here. Ma-kun, Ken - haul your talented asses here right now. We need to jam. And Kazuki-san, where's the promos you promised? You know there are fuckin' cobwebs in our studio now?!
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Aizawa Taki
29 June 2007 @ 02:27 pm

Ma-kun, Ken - weather's perfect for the beach. Let's go! I'm driving. Maiko, you up to it?

I keep running into Maiko these past few weeks - and twice in two different nightclubs! She dances like a charm, and how's this for surreal, I end up in the sack with her. Shindo's sister. Can't believe that good-for-nothing is related to this hot piece of ass.

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Aizawa Taki
15 June 2007 @ 09:53 pm
Hey Ari - I spoke with Seguchi and he's all go for you as our sessionist. Ain't that great. Ma-kun was royally pissed  but he agreed to listen to your tape and see if youre up to snuff. Ken, well, I haven't spoken to him yet but I think I told him about it before...anyway, if I haven't, Ken and Kazuki, we're auditioning Ari okay? We'll tape a session. You gotta practice babe - Ma's a stickler for perfection.
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Aizawa Taki
12 June 2007 @ 02:18 am
HOLY FCK, I forgot my own damn birthday. Ain't that sweet. 

It's that white pill Ma gave me that fried my brains I guess. Gave me a mother of a high headache. So I crash at Ma's and when I get to my apartment see this monster mountain of mail at the door...I can tell the doorman's fckin pissed for having to hold so much mail but WTF, that's his job. ANYWAY, so that's when I realized this isnt your usual fanmail. And the booty?

- 25 boxes of chocolate (Godiva, Lindt, M & Ms WTF - more effort please.)
- 9 bouquets (5 good, 4 wilted)
- 15 marriage proposals (uh huh. get a life.)
- dozens of girls underwear (i hope those were clean x_x)
- A fckin teddy bear! in the trash
- 5 scratch-off lotto cards. (seriously)
- $50 - now THAT's a gift.

And that was barely half of the fan haul. Anyone want chocolates, you can have the M & M's. ;p

Special mentions!

- My girl Kaoru got me this kickass vintage Versace jacket and gorgeous speckled-gray snakeskin boots. 

- Maiko treated me a whole chocolate cake. (I'd gone to the cafe and ordered the damn thing only to see I was short on cash - we had cake and coffee at my place after ;p)

- Ari - lap dance, with "extra service". Smokin' hot babe! That made my day.

- Ma-kun got me...the usual. Smokesdrinkscakedope. PLUS perks. Beat that. ;p

Soo...Bonbon later, big party lined up. Ma, Ken, show up or get lost - whatever you're in the mood for.
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Aizawa Taki
08 June 2007 @ 02:38 pm
Yeah, my life's one big party.

Couple of nights ago me and my girl Kaoru partied at Bonbon. Third night in a row. 'Course all of Tokyo's glitter and glam were there - the usual. That Tawara sure knows how to set up a club. She had to meet some guy after so we left - and who should I run into but Barbie girl? Yeah, so Kaoru gets all jealous and dumps me with her. Which was good, I got to grope dance with her. I think she was drunk, so anyway. We went up to my place, but someone was there so she left. Damn. Well I thought someone was. Turns out Tawara dropped me a case of beer and a sack of fckin cauliflower and broccoli. The jerk. Disgusting things. 

Ma, Ken, did one of you give that weirdo my keys? 

So anyway, afterwards Ma dropped by with lots of beer. Got smashed good. Yeaaah. That good.
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Aizawa Taki
01 June 2007 @ 09:23 am

So far, this week hasn't been the usual crazy-wild "whose-couch-is-this" week, so I went to the studio to see if the boys were there and get some work done, maybe. Neither was, and I had the unfortunate luck to be stuck with that cranky old redhead "Mr. Manager-san" aka Kazuki. Fun. 

Anyway, I was totally out of it, no one to talk to, no lyrics to sing, etc. when who should drop by but Barbie girl, Ari-chan! She's this halfie I met last week at my friend's bakery.We had coffee, got to talking, and she said she plays the guitar. I remember inviting her to show her stuff - pervs, not that way!- but I felt she wouldn't show. Hell, she probably said that just to impress me. So I was totally surprised she appeared! And - guess what? - with a pink guitar case and a pink guitar. My lord, Barbie girl indeed.

Ma, Ken, I called you but all I got was your voicemail. x_x Wanted to see what you thought of her.  She played this old Hendrix song "Wind Cries Mary", and coincidentally I knew the lyrics so we jammed. I was impressed. So guys, I asked her to be our permanent sessionist. I dunno if Seguchi needs to approve that, I mean it's just like having a friend come over and jam with us everytime we play.

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